Chicken Afritada

Garlic (Bawang)Bay Leaves x2Onion (Sibuyas)CarrotsPotatoes (Patatas) Green PeasTomatoesTomato SauceChicken StockRed / Green Bell Peppers (Capsicum)Chicken (Manok)Salt (Asin)Sugar Carrots, Peas, Capsicum Tomatoes Sibuyas Wash Chicken and cut into desired size. Set aside. Prep all the vegetables: peel and cut potatoes, sit in a bowl of cold water when done, wash and cut carrots, bell peppers, onions,... Continue Reading →

Picante Slow Cooker Chicken

Ingredients: Family Pack of Chicken Breasts2 medium-sized jars of Picante sauce4-5 cups of frozen bell pepper/onion blend1 can of corn1 TBSP of Cumin1 TBSP of SofritoSalt/PepperOptional: black beans, white beans, kidney beans, celery Directions: Wash chicken, then add to slow cooker. Pour both jars of Picante sauce into the slow cooker. When you empty each... Continue Reading →

Easy BBQ Chicken Dinner

I have no affiliations with products/companies. I have no sponsors. I post what me and my family like to eat. This is a simple dinner that is easy on the wallet and filling for your family. You can make this as easy as you want or make it more in-depth. From $1 boxes of macaroni... Continue Reading →

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