Whether you are talking about the fresh leaves of the Peppermint plant or the concentrated oil with uses from culinary to house cleaning, peppermint is a pleasant aromatic and adds freshness to anything.

Here I am going to talk about a few uses I have found with peppermint leaves and the oil.

  1. Tea. If you have your own plant you can clip your own leaves and dry them out to make some delicious peppermint tea. Peppermint tea helps alleviate nausea, freshens your breath, eases stomach aches, and can even help with headaches.
  2. Jazz up some water! Need to increase your water intake but tired of plain water? Mint leaves + water or mint leaves + citrus slices + water makes for a delicious refreshing beverage.

3. Freshen carpets/rugs. Using peppermint oil freshens up all areas of the home. Just use a dropper and add a few drops of the oil to carpets/rugs before vacuuming and you’ll be amazed at how fresh it smells when you’re done.

4. Mixing some drops of peppermint oil, tea tree oil, vinegar, and water, makes for an excellent and chemical-free all-purpose house cleaner. From kitchen counter tops, to stove tops, table tops, even cleaning nasty areas on the wall and the bathroom. Add some citrus oil drops for extra pzazz!

5. If you need heavy duty scrubbing then mix some peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and baking soda until it becomes a thick pasty texture. This has proven an excellent cleaner on tough greasy stove top messes and grease on the counter and wall.

#2 was helpful during one of my pregnancies. I had the WORST morning sickness and I always had to wake up before 5AM to start my day and get ready for work. I LOVED bringing peppermint tea bags to work and loved sipping on it throughout the day. It definitely helped my nausea.

#3 is my favorite use for Peppermint. When I feel like the house needs to freshen up I love getting my bottle of peppermint oil and dropping the oil all over the carpets/rugs in all the rooms, the beds, pillows, and the couch. It can definitely uplift your mood and open up your sinuses. Don’t use too much if you’re not used to the scent.

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